5 Heartwarming Commercials To Watch With Your Dad This Father's Day

Updated: Jul 4

Papa, Daddy, Dad, Tatay. Whatever name we may call them, our fathers deserve praise this coming Father’s Day. We might be in the middle of a pandemic, but that shouldn’t stop us from showing our appreciation for all their hard work and sacrifice.

A warm hug, a handwritten letter, and a simple “I love you po” are just some of the many ways we can express our gratitude, but the following commercials certainly went to the next level. From feel-good tributes to sentimental tearjerkers, these will surely tug your heartstrings so keep a box of tissues nearby while watching!

"LOVE KITA, PA" by McDonald's

Nothing can ever replace the feeling of security that a father's embrace brings. Whenever we get hurt, fall asleep, or feel scared, they are always there to carry us, and we immediately feel safe in their arms. McDo Philippines highlights this unique ability of our fathers to make all our worries go away in an instant.

"HAPPY FATHER'S DAY" by Lemon Square

Fathers are known for their dad bods, and it's nothing to be ashamed of! They may not have the fittest body there is, but they definitely give the warmest hugs. Lemon Square celebrates these "siksik" dads who have lots of love to share.

"STAND UP" by ManuLife

For all the times we doubted ourselves, our dads have always been there to support us. Finding out what direction our life should take is tough, but our dads continue to offer moral support to keep us going. In this hilarious ad by ManuLife, our ever supportive dads were given a special shout-out.


Coming out is something that our LGBTQ+ friends are very much wary of, especially when it comes their fathers. Some would take their time while others would avoid the topic entirely, but in the eyes of their fathers, they're still the child they loved and cherished since birth. As a tribute to these fathers who accept their children wholeheartedly, Bench came up with a touching commercial that shows how great a father's love can be.


Fatherhood goes beyond a relationship between children and their biological fathers. Sometimes, all it takes is a special bond to create a father-and-child relationship that is as good as a biological one. This sweet commercial by Vicks shines a spotlight on these people who became a father figure to children despite not being related by blood.


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