Beauty vlogger receives support amidst criticism on her acne

A trending Facebook post made by Rollie Dela Torre expressed his support towards local beauty vlogger Letisha Velasco, better known as Leti Sha on Youtube.

Leti Sha is known for her impressive makeup skills in transforming into both local and international celebrities. Not only that, but she can also create surreal and mind-boggling optical illusions with just the use of makeup!

Images by Leti Sha via Instagram

She has been praised by thousands of netizens for her skills, but not everyone shares the same opinion. In one of her vlogs, she revealed that there have been instances where she would receive negative criticisms for her acne.

"Ang gusto ko lang naman yung magpasaya sa inyo kahit masasakit yung mga binabato sa akin, masasakit yung sinasabi sa akin na hindi daw ako magpaderma kahit yung mukha ko daw ay maraming tigyawat." [All I want is to bring joy to you even if I have received hurtful words on why I still haven't visited a dermatologist, since I have a lot of pimples on my face.]

Despite the tears, she explained that she prioritizes her family's needs and necessities before her own and that she avoids buying too many things she will probably not use.

She further added that she was able to buy a brand new car for her family, and her father was very much elated with the news since it was his first time to drive a newly-bought car.

Netizens showed their support for the beauty vlogger and commended her for her humility and honesty. Rollie Dela Torre encouraged people to stop shaming those who have acne and to avoid saying anything hurtful towards people with this skin condition.

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