DJ Loonyo and a timeline of controversies

Image by DJ Loonyo via Instagram

Rhemuel Lunio, also known online as DJ Loonyo, has risen to fame after videos of his dance routines made the rounds on various social media sites, especially on the popular video-sharing platform TikTok.

His internet fame continued to grow when he created a dance tribute to the tune of "Fight Song" for all the frontliners risking their lives to address the increasing threat of COVID-19.

It seems like the 28-year-old social media personality is set to become a household name, but his involvement in a string of controversies has often earned the ire of a lot of netizens.


DJ Loonyo was first linked with the actress-YouTuber Ivana Alawi when she posted a video on her channel where he pretended to be Ivana's boyfriend to prank her mother on April 7, 2020. She did mention that they have met before during dance classes and have shared a previous conversation they had way back in 2015.

Netizens continued to follow their budding relationship, until Ivana reportedly unfollowed DJ Loonyo on Instagram and Twitter. Fans speculated that it might have been due to his connection with a non-showbiz girl named Claire Gomez.

He revealed that he has been in constant communication with Claire before the "boyfriend prank" video was uploaded on YouTube. He also admitted that he hid Claire from Ivana, despite her asking if anyone would be affected by them talking.

It wasn't until Claire Gomez herself came forward and wanted to set the record straight via Instagram Live. She mentioned that she asked him to clear her name and clarify that she wasn't the reason behind his falling out with Ivana, which he did.

Claire also revealed in her Instagram Live that she had blocked DJ Loonyo on her social media accounts, but she clarified that this is her personal decision and Ivana has nothing to do with it.


On June 3, 2020, DJ Loonyo found himself in hot water after commenting on the issue of COVID-19 mass testing in a livestream hosted by hip-hop artist Kenjhons Serrano, also known as Mr. Mainit.

Netizens and even celebrities and showbiz personalities have called him out on his apparent misunderstanding of the concept behind mass testing, as he claimed that it is a "trial and error" method, apparently mistaking the term as a means of treating the virus instead of detecting those who have been infected by it.

He posted an apology on Twitter on the misuse of the term "mass testing", and explained that he was referring to "clinical trials" instead. His apology received mixed reactions, ranging from support from his fans to critical comments by netizens saying that as an influential personality on social media, he should be aware of such topics.


DJ Loonyo's life story was featured on a recent episode by Magpakailanman on July 18, 2020, but instead of receiving favorable comments about the struggles he faced in his life, he received the opposite.

After the episode aired, a Facebook post made by Aika Flores went viral. In her post, she details how his version was far from what actually transpired between the two of them, especially during her pregnancy and the death of their late son.

Her allegations against DJ Loonyo left netizens doubting the credibility of his life story's depiction on the show. He and his team addressed the matter in an open letter posted on his social media accounts, although his Instagram post about it has since been deleted.

In the letter, he admitted that some parts have been omitted from the episode due to its sensitive nature, especially when portraying the events pertaining to his late son.

He and his team would also like to "sincerely apologize to the individuals or their families who were offended by the retelling of his life story."

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