Our Manong Drivers need your help

Updated: Jul 5

Anyone who has stepped inside the premises of UP Diliman have been passengers of Ikot jeepneys. Their iconic "pull string to stop" has made our jeepney rides unique from other jeepneys outside the campus. They have brought us to our destination countless times and have been in service for so long. Now, it's time to return the favor.

In a post made by Payit Forwardup, they are asking us for a small sacrifice that will go a long way. We are fortunate enough to satisfy our favorite coffee and milk tea cravings, but what if we forego these at least once and spend the money to help those in need?

Our drivers have been hit hard by the pandemic, and they'll need all the help they can get just for them and their families to survive. Support Payit Forwardup's cause by sending a ₱500 pledge for 10 kg of rice, or ₱1,100 for 25 kg of rice. They have provided the details below on how to deposit your pledge via BPI or GCash.

You can also opt to donate in kind by bringing your donations in the following drop off points. You may reach out to contact persons from UP TsUPerheroes upon sending your donations.

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