Photoshoot in the time of Coronavirus

Our present situation has obliged us to adapt to the "new normal". Every industry has been exploring and utilizing the possibilities that the digital platform has to offer, and photography is not one to miss the phenomenon.

Even though the strict lockdown has been lifted, it is still not advisable for everyone to go out. However, it should not be a reason for you to miss out on your best photos this quarantine. So here are some FaceTime photographers that you can tap to take your "pak-na-pak" quarantine photos.

1. Precious Conn Sy


Instagram: @preciousconnsy and @lockdownfacesph

Models (L-R):

Frances Makil-Ignacio @franceszonita

Hariette Mozelle @hariettemozelle

Chase Salazar @chaseysalazar

Berlyn Tinonas @berlynkate

2. Celina Mae Medina


Instagram: @maybeitsceline


Nikki Zurbano @nikkizurbano

3. Barry Trinidad


Instagram: @b.a.trinidad

Models (L-R):

Ellah Ahmari @elnazzyy

Krystl Ball @krystl.ball

Janny Medina @chickboyngmakati

Aleta Abello @aletuuuh

4. Gerry Baclagon


Instagram: @gerryimages


Becky Bush @shetalks2much

5. Rae Cabradilla


Instagram: @raecabradilla

Models (L-R):

Thara Jordana @tharajordana

Jessika Knight @jessikaknightt

6. Aleli Paguio


Instagram: @aleli.paguio


Marimar Garraway @marimar_garraway

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