Sunshine Cruz exposes netizens behind lewd remarks about daughters

Sunshine Cruz called out netizens who made sexual remarks and obscene memes about her daughters, and revealed that some of these were reportedly her daughters' schoolmates.

She first expressed her frustration on Twitter after edited versions of her Instagram post went viral on Facebook. She further exposed the names of several students who made sexual comments on her and her daughters two years ago. She exposed the conversation on Twitter and dared the students to "have the courage to face us and say these things straight to our faces."

Thirdy Fajardo, one of the students exposed in the tweet, has issued an apology which was shared in public by the actress on Facebook and added the caption "#RespectWomen".

Sunshine also shared another apology from a netizen named John Kenneth Damaso Cruz who came forward and apologized after posting edited photos of him beside the actress's daughters and sharing a post that referred to them as alcoholic drinks.

Her daughters have also aired their sentiments on Twitter. Angelina Cruz, the eldest of the three, emphasized that her sisters are minors and has expressed her disgust over other netizens who keep defending those who made obscene comments and memes on her and her underage sisters.

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